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"What does KTM Customer Sport stand for?
KTM Customer Sport gives you the “RIGHT TO RIDE.”

KTM Customer Sport offers unique experiences to get in touch with the huge model range and fascination of KTM. Whether you’re looking for a travel experience or just flat out your bike on a racetrack, whether you prefer off-road or street riding, KTM Customer Sport has the right adrenalin package for everyone.

Under the umbrella KTM Customer Sport, the four programmes KTM Adventure Tours, KTM TNT Test’N Track, KTM Camps and the KTM E-Cross Center are united.

ATTENTION: The KTM Customer Sport programmes Adventure Tours, Camps and TNT are open for all brands!"

Professionally organized race days on some of the most exciting racetracks around Europe
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TNT Race Orange
(Racetrack Training)
Professional Enduro and Motocross Trainings
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KTM Camps
(Enduro / MX Training)
Guided Enduro Tours at the most amazing locations in the world!
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KTM Adventure Tours
(Guided Enduro Tours)
Giving full throttle and testing the brand new KTM Freeride E
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KTM E-Cross Center
(Freeride E Test)
Adventure on Asphalt!
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KTM Adventure Travel